GCam For Moto G60/G40 Fusion

In this article you will find the best GCam Apk for Moto G60 / G40 Fusion Device and guide to install GCam and Config Files on your device.
Moto G60 is undoubtedly one of the most popular Motorola devices. If you own Motorola Moto G60 and are not happy with the camera performance you might want to try GCam or Google Camera. In this article you will be able to find out how to download the latest stable version of GCam APK for your Motorola Moto G60 and use it to capture photos in all lighting conditions, with modes like Astrophotography, night sight, blur lens, and portrait mode.

Google Camera Features

Google Camera provides Super Res Zoom, AR Emojis, Google Lens, TimeLapse, Slow-Motion, Image Stabilization, Astrophotography mode, Photosphere, and RAW, ZSL, Flash, AR Stickers, Night Sight, and Portrait modes. There are slight chances that some of the features may not work for the listed Mods, please feel free to use different APKs and try different configs file.

Best Gcams available for moto G40 fusion / G60 device

1. Greatness 8.2 (point and shoot photography)

Handheld Point and shoot astrophotography and night sight
Best Selfie
Great HDR and night sight

Note : If  you face Purple Tint issue in Low  Light than use at HDR+ only 

Configs/XML Files For Greatness 8.2

Configs 1 (vibrant + HDR) :
For saturated colours and aggressive Dynamic range.

Configs 2 (natural):
For natural colors + true to life dynamic range.

Note : Cant load xml/config file? click here to fix.

2.  7.3 urnyx05 v2.1 wichaya v3.1

All working

Note : If  you face Purple Tint issue in Low  Light than use at HDR+ only 

Configs/XML Files For 7.3 urnyx05 v2.1

Configs 1 (Vibrant + HDR)

3.  MGC 8.3 Parrot043 v8.1

No XML/Configs required
Ultrawide camera doesn't work 
Front camera : 4K@30 with EIS recording available
Best for Long Exposure Astrophotography up-to 6 minutes
Click here for "Best Settings For Parrot043"

How to install GCam APK on Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion

  1. Download Google Camera APK from the downloading link mentioned above.
  2. Once the APK file has been downloaded, tap on it.
  3. Enable or allow “Installation from the Unknown Sources” from the privacy settings. (You can enable by following these steps “Settings” and then “Security/ Privacy” and then enable it. However, if you have already enabled it simply skip it to the installation.)
  4. Once the installation is done, you can simply use the GCam APK on your smartphone.

Motorola Moto G60 GCam Config File Download and Installation

  1. If you have installed GCam APK on Motorola Moto G60, you need to open your file manager and locate Gcam folder.
  2. If the Gcam folder is not there you need to create the GCam folder manually. 
  3. Once the GCam folder is created you need to create "configs" folder inside GCam folder now move the config file that you have downloaded into the config folder.
  4. Open Google camera, double tap on any black area, then select the config file that you downloaded, then tap on "Restore". Finally, Google camera will restart and now you can use it.
This is ‘GCam For Moto G60/G40 Fusion ’. If you have any queries, please let me know in the comments down below.

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