Splash Screen (Boot Logo) For Lenovo K6 Power & K6 Note

Custom recovery flash able collection of Splash Screens / Boot Logos for Lenovo K6 Power & K6 Note or Karate / Karatep.
Here you can find amazing collection of  Splash Screens / Boot Logos for  Lenovo K6 Power & K6 Note or Karate / Karatep device. TWRP recovery flashable zip files are available, And a picture that suggest how a boot logo will be looked is also attached with it as .png file.

How To Change Boot logo / Splash Screens ?

  1. Download zip files to your device.
  2. Reboot to recovery ( TWRP or any other custom recovery ).
  3. Select zip file & Flash.
  4. Now, Reboot to system.
  5. Successfully you have changed device Boot Logo or Splash Screen. 

Download Zip Files And Previews

File(click to download) File Size Demo
GoogleAndroidSplash.zip 0.42mb Preview
AndroidOneSplash.zip 0.28mb Preview
AsusLogoSplash.zip 0.40mb Preview
ASUSBlueSplash.zip 0.56mb Preview
One+AndroidSplash.zip 0.28mb Preview
BatManSplash.zip 0.71mb Preview
HanumanSplash.zip 0.52mb Preview
PUBGAndroidSplash.zip 0.40mb Preview
JokerSplash.zip 1.10mb Preview
OnePlusRedSplash.zip 0.41mb Preview
StockBlackSplash.zip 0.32mb Preview
HackerSplash.zip 1.16mb Preview
LenovoSmallSplash.zip 0.27mb Preview
AndroidSplash.zip 0.33mb Preview
HavocOsSplash.zip 0.35mb Preview
AppleBlackSplash.zip 0.27mb Preview
OwlSplash.zip 0.46mb Preview
LenovoSplash.zip 0.34mb Preview
HexagonSplash.zip 0.32mb Preview
PixelExperienceSplash.zip 0.45mb Preview
SpideySplash.zip 0.40mb Preview
MiLogoSplash.zip 0.26mb Preview
VenomSplash.zip 0.64mb Preview
OnePlusLogoSplas.zip 0.26mb Preview

Contributors :

Deepak Maurya, that's me for making Logos. Hope, you have successfully changed Splash Screen of your K6 Power / K6 Note. If you have any issue, let me know and comment below !

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